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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) rankings got introduced in February 2013. The rankings are decided by the voting panel that consists of media members. These members vote for the top fighters when it comes to the UFC. They use pounds and weight to rank these fighters. These fighters can be contestants if they are active. Moreover, fighters may appear in different versions at the same time. The following are the top three seeds in the UFC rankings:

  • Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib, also referred to as the Eagle Fighter, was born in September 1988 in a village called Sildi. In the year 2001, Khabib’s family relocated to Machachkala. He got trained to wrestle while he was 12 and took part in Judo at 15. According to him, the transition to Judo was challenging. A few years later, Khabib decided to take part in MMA and made his debut in 2008. For three years after joining MMA debut, he was an undefeated fighter.

  • Conor McGregor

Conor was born in July 1988, in Dublin. He was raised in Dublin, where he got passionate about sports. At the beginning of his youth, Conor played soccer for a club called Lourdes Celtic. While at 12, he joined a boxing club in Dublin. In 2007, he took part in MMA debut against the Kieran Campbell. McGregor won the TKO (technical knockout) competition during his first round.

  • Tony Ferguson

Tony was born in 1984 in a place called Oxnard, California. Ferguson took part in wrestling, baseball, and football at the same time. After finishing high school, he enrolled in university. Although he didn’t attain a degree, he became a successful wrestler. Later on in 2008, Tony started his MMA career in small associations in California. His notable matches included losses and wins.


UFC fans ought to appreciate the fighters. They can use social media platforms to make these fighters feel closer to home.