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Martial arts come in different types. Do you know any other than karate and kung fu? It is important to be familiar with the popular martial arts styles as this will make it more fun and interesting to be part of the arts. Like any other sports, martial arts are widely spread and not unless you are familiar with the styles, one might not realize the differences.

Stand up or Striking styles

This style of martial arts aims at training the practitioners on how to defend while standing using elbows, knees, kicking, punching and using blocks. The extent to which the practitioners learn this style is determined by the style being taught or the instructor. Additionally, most of these stand-up styles have other fighting components taught alongside the specific style.

Ground-fighting style

This style focuses on teaching how to take opponents to the ground as this provides an opportunity to have a dominant position thus an opportunity to end the fight with a win. Examples of such styles include wrestling, sumo, jujutsu and catch wrestling.

Take-down style

The take-down style is also known as the throwing style and starts from the standing position. Therefore, the practitioners use this style to get a fight to the ground, hence the name throw or take-down. This implies that all ground fighting styles have a component of the take-down.

Hybrid fighting styles

In modern martial arts, several styles are used together. It is the use of a combination of styles that led to the contests popularly known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship. An example of hybrid martial arts is MMA which refers to a very competitive martial art that combines aforementioned styles including stand-up, take-downs and ground fighting.

The information and insights about martial arts, one is able to tell the difference between different types or styles of martial arts.