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UFC is one of the most popular mixed martial events in the world. It’s more exciting than other fighting events such as boxing. Have you ever asked yourself why UFC is so thrilling? Here is the answer.

The Best Fight the Best

During UFC fights, the best fighters will always go for the best fighters. This means that you expect to find the top fighters against each other in the octagon. With this, you expect the best fight night every time there is a fight.

Fairness of Results

UFC has a good reputation, and people have confidence with referees. Therefore, with this reputation, people have a sense of fairness in the decision of judges. After the fight, the decision is made the winner celebrates, and the loser goes home knowing that they have lost fairly. The fans go home happy as well.

Less Rounds with More Time Per Round

It’s more exciting to watch a fight with fewer breaks that a fight with many breaks. Short rounds mean that sometimes the fight is stopped at climax hence cutting short the thrill. The good thing with UFC fights is that there are fewer rounds with longer time per night, which makes the fans enjoy more.

Broader Weight Divisions

UFC has less, but broader weight division means that fighters are accommodated without weight segregation. With the broader weight division, there is more parity and, therefore, more exciting products. Hence, UFC fans have more exciting fights.

Submission Holds

Although submission holds are sometimes dangerous because of lead to serious injuries on fighters. They are a good way for fighters to secure victory. These submission holds are interested and fun to watch. They make the fight more thrilling.

These are some of the characteristics of UFC that make it more thrilling than other fighting sports.