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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was established with the aim of deciding the most superior of the martial arts fighters. The UFC is not just a street fight, but competitions that identify the most effective art in fight matches with very minimal rules. The players in the UFC mixed martial arts come from different backgrounds such as boxing, sambo, karate, and judo, among others.

UFC Rules

In a UFC match, eye-gouging is not allowed, nor is biting, ‘fish hooking’ or throat strikes. Despite the fact that a match does not have rounds, its end is marked once a fighter taps out, what in other words means signaling to the referee of submission by tapping on the mat, or when an opponent is knocked out, or their corner throws in the towel, or the referee or a doctor stops the match. Most of the UFC fights last for less than five minutes. If the match goes for more than one round, the way the fighters are fighting is questionable, as this is not boxing. The cruelty of UFC is found in the easiness of the cause and effect of suffering inside the enclosed octagonal cage.

Match Outcome

The UFC matches end when a fighter taps the mat, submits, or signals to be in pain to the extent that the referee must end the match. In case a fighter is unconscious, the match may be ended or held. Knockouts are fascinating to the fans but a loss to the opponent, and it is legally accepted. There are situations where the referee decides that a match cannot continue, or a ringside doctor or cornerman stops a match. This is termed as a technical knockout, and the thrill or agony of any UFC match is determined by either of the ways marking an end.

The above insights reveal the entire excitement with the UFC, either watching online or live.