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Since its inception in 1993, UFC has thousands of fighters. Although the greatness in MMA is often measured by the number of titles the fighter has and the number of times they defend those titles, there are really special UFC fighters that greatness cannot measure.
Some of the best fighters who have played at UFC but never won the championship, here are names that have left the most impression:

  1. Donald Cerrone
    “Cowboy” Donald Cerrone is one of the few fighters that UFC should have. Cerrone holds the record for the most number of matches in UFC with 36 matches, including 23 wins.
    With a record of 23 wins and 13 losses at UFC, Cerrone is also the person with the highest top frequency in this tournament with an average of 3 matches / year. In his career, American boxers have faced many famous fighters including Conor McGregor, Benson Henderson or Nate Diaz.
    Despite losing the lightweight title to Rafael dos Anjos, there is no reason to doubt that Cerrone is the most dangerous and talented puncher in UFC history.
    With the combination of the deadly Muay Thai skills and the experience of tightening, Cerrone has built his image as a UFC legend and one of the greatest warriors ever to win the championship.
  2. Nate Diaz

Possessing a set of excellent skills and a cool style makes Diaz one of the most beloved fighters of the past decade. With victories over names like Conor McGregor, Donald Cerrone and Anthony Pettis, Diaz time and again proved that he was able to defeat anyone at any time.
Diaz’s only championship match was against former champion Benson Henderson, a game he lost with a consensus scoring. Despite that loss, Diaz’s performance against Conor McGregor at UFC 196 helped him become one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time. Considered to be a ‘underdog’, Diaz used his overwhelming fighting style and brand-locking skills to subdue McGregor’s ‘Crazy Man’ at 1:48 of the second half.
Diaz’s skills, personality and popularity reinforce his image as one of the most beloved and best boxers that UFC has.

  1. Alexander Gustafsson
    Considering the heavy underweight at UFC, Alexander Gustafsson is one of the greatest. Gustaffson faced two of the greatest warriors of all time, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier, to win the championship a total of three times, along with a TKO defeat against Jon Jones at UFC 165, the match. The match is ranked in the top 3 of the best UFC belt match of all time.
    Kickboxing platform helps Gustafsson become an extremely interesting and outstanding warrior. Despite announcing a glove, Gustafsson will forever be considered one of UFC’s most annoying underweight opponents.

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