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In the face of intense ethnic issues in the US, Jon Jones, the colored UFC champion decided to do the right things.

A few days ago, the social network appeared a prominent video clip with the content of Jon Jones taking action to stop the potentially destructive elements in New Mexico.

Nhà vô địch UFC Jon Jones xuống đường dẹp loạn | Hậu trường ...

In the video clip at Instagram, Jon Jones can easily hear the voice of the jarring telling young vandals: “Give me the paint jar” . Despite a bit of resistance, but the masked young men still bite their teeth to let Jon Jones “confiscate weapons”.

On social media, Jon Jones also posted a tus that read:  “Is this all the hell of that thing because of George Floyd? 1? Why are the teenagers breaking the city?” Ours! ?? As a young black man, believe me, I’m also upset but this is not the way to do it, we are only making the situation worse.

If you truly love your city, protect it. For adults, speak up, call young members of your family, tell them to go home tonight“.

Nhà vô địch UFC Jon Jones xuống đường dẹp loạn - ảnh 1

Jon Jones also tweeted: “I don’t dare to want my worst enemy to die as catastrophically as George Floyd. What the officer did was keep enough pressure for George Floyd to live in those six minutes of asphyxiation. During my competition, I can admit that I’ve never experienced anything so horrible. The reason ‘if you can still say you can breathe’ is a bullshit. That man is more miserable than drowning.” George Floyd, 46, is a black man who is said to have died under the harsh repression of police officer Derek Chauvin – a white police officer. Chauvin had placed a pillow on Floyd’s neck for more than 8 minutes despite the victim’s persistent pleading for not being able to breathe. Recently, after a re-examination of the body, experts also reported that George Floyd died of suffocation, unable to deliver oxygen to the brain.

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