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Can Daniel Cormier take UFC further when he is a fighter instead of an entrepreneur like Dana White?

Answering a question posted by former boxer Ben Askren innocence on Twitter about “Do you believe Daniel Cormier will be the future president of UFC?”, Daniel shared his views on this issue.

Daniel Cormier nói về ý tưởng tiếp quản ghế chủ tịch UFC Dana White

Cormier asserted: “I think anyone with authority will accept it, the work of the head of an organization has done a lot of great things useful in entertainment and the community. I think people have not seen that aspect of UFC, what they do for the younger generation as well as plans around the world”.

“I think if you or anyone who has the opportunity for such a job, they are crazy not hoping to get it. But Dana will be in that position for quite a while, Dana is that kind of person” – Daniel Cormier reminded of the president of UFC. Of course, I love my job at UFC. I have loved this organization since moving on from Strikeforce and have a good working relationship. I also started to learn and be impressed with the UFC’s time and effort to help the younger generation”.

The two weight-weight former champion shared: “I understand the importance of UFC and Dana when supporting youth training programs. They have done a lot to help people and that’s what makes me greatly appreciate working there”.

Daniel Cormier nói về ý tưởng tiếp quản ghế chủ tịch UFC Dana White

Joining UFC in 2011 as the Strikeforce champion, Daniel Cormier has become the most aggressive fighter in the tournament throughout the years. Not only a martial artist, Cormier also participated in many UFC activities such as commenting, training and finding young talents.

Good relationship with President Dana White, but the ability of Daniel Cormier to take over the power chair of the tournament is still a big question. Because the biggest difference is that Dana White operates UFC as a businessman, while Daniel Cormier is still a professional fighter.

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