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Criteria for selecting the boxers appearing on Dana White’s “Mount Rushmore” range will make many viewers wonder when Conor McGregor is not named.
Who is the greatest UFC fighter, who is the most devoted name of UFC, it is an endless story of MMA audiences. However, it is very rare to hear President Dana White – the tycoon of the tournament make comments on these topics.

Recently appearing on The Schomozone Podcast, Dana White shared his thoughts on the most devoted names for the tournament he has run for nearly 20 years for the first time.

“If you’re talking about Mount Rushmore – where fighters are sculpted to remember their dedication forever. It must be Royce Gracie, there’s no need to argue about that. Then there’s Amanda Nunes – the greatest female martial artist I’ve ever seen. ” – White confirmed.

Quickly gave out the first two names, but Dana White proved quite decent because of the male boxers who have been playing for UFC, many names deserve to be credited for the dedication to the tournament.

“I would probably choose Jon Jones. The boxer has never been defeated, a very rare achievement made in this sport, despite scandals outside the arena but he still cannot be defeated. ” – White selected Lightheavyweight champion as his next choice.

In fact, Jon Jones still has a loss against Matt Hamil since 2009. However, this is a result when Jones broke the law in a completely overwhelming Hamil game – so, if taking into account the situation on the floor fighting, indeed “Bone” is still a martial artist can not be knocked down during MMA career.

The first champion, the most comprehensive champion, the strongest female boxer, of course Dana White’s choice is indispensable to the “stars” of the tournament. The boxers have just succeeded in the ring, both in terms of image inside and outside the arena.

Come to think of it, everyone probably believes that Dana White’s choice will be Conor McGregor or George St Pierre – the monument in both achievements and ability to earn money for UFC. But White’s choice was in favor of Chuck Liddell – the first star UFC had built.

“The fourth name deserves to be on the top of Rushmore, I guess you should agree is Chuck Liddell. At the time, he was the brightest star of the tournament he had ever seen, the most well-paid boxer with all his dedication. ” – White mentioned the “first star” of UFC.

It can be seen that, besides Amanda Nunes and Jon Jones are the stars who are “in position” at UFC, Dana White’s choice is in favor of fighters at the beginning of the tournament. Therefore, it can be explained that a name that spread UFC like Conor McGregor in the period of 2015 – 2019 has not been chosen by President White.

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