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The UFC President shared information directly with the fighters about the Fight Island project.

Over the weekend, UFC president Dana White had a discussion with the boxers about the tournament’s next plans. In particular, the most concerned issue is that the implementation of events at the time of the epidemic has not ended in the US as currently.

White confirmed that this project will be implemented as a backup plan of UFC. The tournament will still seek to promote the organization at the UFC Apex complex in Las Vegas as before. White will meet Nevada Nevada governor Steve Sisolak to discuss the implementation of the activities there.

Regarding the competition, White shared this entirely at the discretion of the boxers. All can contact the UFC operator directly. Boxers may accept or refuse to compete if they do not feel safe about their health. UFC President also confirmed the medical team will be ready to move anywhere to ensure the safety of boxers before, during and after the game.

In particular, the UFC Trifecta Meals program, which specializes in providing optional diets for UFC fighters, is being adapted to be able to return to service as soon as possible. This is the UFC’s effort to support its fists with the best training regime possible.

In addition, fighters who have been canceled at the events in late March, early April in London, Columbus (Ohio) or Portland have the opportunity to be scheduled for compensation in the near future. UFC expects to be able to organize events every Saturday, starting from May 9. However, the number of martial artists in each event may be limited, so the boxers need to carefully consider the decision on the top.

Finally, the plan to bring the tournament back to International Fight Week – the peak competition week in Las Vegas in mid-July may be affected. The reason may start with Dana White having to change the schedule earlier than expected and important matches may not take place during this time.

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