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Determined to bring UFC activities back to normal, tournament president Dana White received mixed reactions from the Boxing bosses.

For a long time, the relationship of UFC president Dana White and Boxing bosses has been very complicated. This came from mixed opinions in the way of organizing, paying for boxers or beyond White’s plan to invade Boxing. In it, veteran boss Bob Arum is a regular critic of White’s stubbornness when he holds the upper house during the middle of the season. Recently, although the attitude has softened, Arum has not supported the actions of the UFC president.

Những ông trùm Boxing và phản ứng trái chiều về Dana White

“Now I just wish them luck. I just hope they don’t put anyone in danger, but for me, acting like an “American cowboy” like that is not really good. ” – Bob Arum shared.

“I also need to emphasize again that there is no offensive stance here. I respect Dana White and his activities. ” – Arum said.

Contrary to Bob Arum, Oscar De La Hoya – a Mexican-born manager who has tried to organize MMA matches. Therefore, De La Hoya’s perspective is quite open when White is the leader in bringing the game back.

“I agree and support Dana White. Although we have conflicting views, when I tried MMA, I realized that I also love this sport” – De La Hoya shared . “White is doing a great job of preserving this sport’s image, keeping it going. I appreciate his great action“.

Những ông trùm Boxing và phản ứng trái chiều về Dana White

Recently, information that boxer Lyman Good – who is expected to attend the UFC 249 event has announced that he is infected with COVID-19. Fortunately, this puncher actively withdraws to avoid the spread of disease. However, from the perspective of Bob Arum, this is still a testament to the potential danger when organizing a competition.

“The fact is there are boxers who are positive for the virus. Think about it if it happened during Dana’s event and there was an epidemic spread, which is really not good for the people involved. ” – Bob Arum said.

The UFC 249 event on May 9 is the first event that Dana White brought back after freezing time due to the pandemic. This can be seen as a “gamble” of the UFC president in organizing safety matches when COVID-19 is still in a tense period in the US.

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